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The pigeon’s breeds kept in private zoo, at Hotel Saint Helena, belonging to different sections which are as following: decorative, sports, high flyers, combat, wild, and local racing types. Specimens that are bred are distributed as follows:

Decorative breeds:  Adana, Gull Nuremberg, Nuremberg Lark, Indian mocha, Fenerlii, Feligihazi, Satinette, Nuns, Shmakalden nuns, Dragons, Indians, English nun, Iranian laughing dove, Danish, English pouters, Slovak pouters, English Pomeranians, Basque, Blondinettes , Star pigeons, Indian peacock, Panda, Hungarian, Hungarian nuns,
Sports breeds: Moscow Sports Post, Post Sports with lids.
High flyer breeds: Sombor’s high flyer, Mardins, Hungarian high flyer, Nicolay’s pigeons
Combat fighting pigeons: Uzbek combat, Iranian pigeons
Local breeds: Varna’s pigeons, Shoumen’s pigeons, Pazardjik’s pigeons, Pomorie’s pigeons, Mirror tumbler
Competition breeds: English tipplers, Kiev's fireflies, Moscow Post, Gimpels, Bursa pigeons, Ismail’s turman,

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